ASUS Transformer Book Trio Hybrid Runs Android and Windows 8

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0ASUS Transformer Book Trio

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- Laptops with detachable screens are nothing new, but a laptop with a keyboard dock that serves as a desktop PC while its screen is detached is something we don't see every day. ASUS's just-announced Transformer Book Trio contains two CPUs, two operating system and three modes of use to provide a truly unique experience. 

Th 11.6-inch  full HD screen detaches and can serve as a standalone Android or Windows 8 tablet, even as the keyboard is connected to a full size monitor and used as a Windows 8 desktop PC. The Transformer Book Trio accomplishes this feat by using two CPUs, an Intel Core 4th Generation Core i7-4500U CPU in the base and a 2-GHz, dual-core Atom Z2580 CPU in the tablet portion. 

When the tablet is docked with the screen, it can serve as either a powerful Windows 8 notebook with full HD screen or an Android notebook that, thanks to the extra battery in the base, can get up to 15 hours of battery life. The base contains 1TB of hard drive storage while the tablet has 64GB of eMMC Flash.

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To be fair, the Transformer Book Trio isn't the first laptop to offer a keyboard dock and lid that can each function as standalone devices, just the first we've seen that's actually coming to market. At CES 2010, Lenovo demo'ed an IdeaPad notebook with a lid that detached to become a tablet while the base continued to run Windows programs. However, that product never made it to market while this one seems poised to ship. We look forward to getting a closer look at the Transformer Book Trio when it ships in Q3 of this year.

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