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WT310 New Business Tablet from Toshiba Running Windows 8 Pro

Toshiba has announced the WT310 business tablet, an a device targeted at the busy professional who needs to run Windows 8 Pro. Featuring an 11.6-inch screen and various bundled utilities for business use, the WT310 should be a premium option for users who need a tablet for productivity rather than just content consumption.

The Toshiba WT310 will include pre-installed security and data management features that enable secure remote management, ideal for business travelers who need to access their home desktop computers while on the go. Selected models of the WT310 also include a DigitizerPen, designed for easy writing and note-taking during meetings or seminars, along with software that converts handwriting into digital text for further editing or sharing. 

There are various questions that remain unanswered about this tablet. Toshiba claims that the WT130 will have the "latest Intel processor technology for Ultrabooks," but doesn't specify whether that means the current Intel Third-Generation Core or the next-generation Haswell chips due out this year. Additionally, the notebook has an SSD drive but there have been no announcements about its capacity.

The tablet is due in the UK this quarter. There's no word yet about US availability. Although there's no official price yet, the list of features and its aim at business users hint at a healthy price tag.