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Toshiba Tablet Allegedly Leaks With Tegra 4 Processor and Keyboard Dock

Toshiba’s line of Excite tablets has done little to do what the name implies, but the company may be working on a high-end Android slate packing Nvidia’s newest Tegra 4 processor and a dockable keyboard.

The alleged tablet has been labeled AT 10LE-A, according to Greek website, and will also reportedly come with Android 4.1.2 out of the box. An AnTuTu benchmark obtained by Japanese tech blog Ringer’s Blue Men (translated) shows that the Tegra 4 chipset clocks in at 1.8-GHz, which is higher than the 1.3-GHz Tegra 3 processor found in its Excite tablet family.

 The photos posted on depict an attachable keyboard, although it appears to be a dock accessory rather than an actual lid. We also got a peak at the purported device’s ports, which include micro-USB, micro-HDMI and microSD slots, but there’s no word on how much internal storage we can expect.  The tablet looks to be a 10-inch device with a glossy display and black frame, but we don’t know the display resolution just yet.

In terms of the Android tablet market share, recent statistics from the IDC show that Toshiba falls into the “Others” category which comprises 31.5 percent of the Android slate space. Samsung currently leads the Google mobile OS-based tablet market with 17.9 percent of the market share, falling under Apple’s 39.6 percent. 

via Techblog (translated), Ringer's Blue Men (translated)