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Every laptop is different, and not all brands are made the same. A good laptop or a bad laptop can make all the difference in recommending a company. That’s why we want to hear from The Community on their laptop experience!


We’ve crafted a special survey just for this purpose, and you can find it on our sister site at the Tom’s Guide Forums. If you’ve got more to say about your experience with laptop manufacturers, tell us in the thread. We want to hear your thoughts and stories!

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  • nathan Says:

    asus is very good and reliable i have a vivobook s14

  • AkashGG Says:

    Hate? All manufacturers which ape Apple's pseudo-minimalistic keyboards which forget that computers are not just for artsy-fartsy things: there are technical people out there, not just programmers and accountants, who need the numeric keypad. LG's first Gram did have one despite being a 13 inch laptop. Bit then, it started aping Dell with its XPS15 which apes Apple's MacBook pro's, and now we see also Lenovo joining the bandwagon with 15inch laptops forgetting the numeric keypad!! This is oxymoronic design. Shame on you all!

  • stacyhhhong Says:

    I would like to recommended Excelvan k107, high quality of image, good value for its price

  • Konrad Staudacher Says:

    What I hate most on all Chromebook makers: Most of them do not offer their products in Switzerland ...
    - We have our own keyboard layouts for German + French.
    - And they consider the Swiss markets as too small to offer their Chromebooks with a Swiss keyboard.

    What about developping a configurable keyboard solution ...

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