New Surface Pro Leaked: Here's Your First Look

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Most leaked photos of upcoming devices should be met with a spoonful of skepticism. That's not the case with these images that appear to reveal the next Surface Pro.

surface pro1Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

That's because these images came from tech leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass, who has one of the best track records in the industry. So you can almost assume they're as good as legit, and that this is the notebook Microsoft will unveil at its May 23rd event in Shanghai.

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The above image, which Blass posted on Twitter, has the Surface Pro looking like the deluxe edition of a Surface Laptop. It features Cobalt Blue-colored accessories, including an attachable Alacantra keyboard, Surface Pen and Surface Arc Mouse.

Other images from the notorious leaker, shared on VentureBeat, show that stylus in Burgundy, Silver and Black, suggesting the Graphite Gold colorway won't make it to the Pro models.    side

Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

The new Surface Pro looks to be a mostly under-the-hood update, as we're not seeing any changes to its ports (USB Type-C, where are you?). Blass says that the upgrades will be mostly internal, noting a similarity to Apple's history of releasing s-branded iPhones that mostly feature internal changes, with the chassis staying the same.  

Blass noted that Microsoft will no longer number the Surface Pro with its 2017 refresh, so it won't be called the Surface Pro 4 or Pro 5. Instead, it will be known as the Surface Pro, similar to Apple releasing the simply-named iPad earlier this year.

This lines up with quotes from Surface creator Panos Panay, who explained that  "there is no such thing as a Pro 5." In an interview with Cnet, Panay noted that bumping the notebook to the latest Kaby Lake processors doesn't count as a major update.

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