Laptops You'd Be a Fool to Buy Right Now

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There are few feelings worse than buyer's remorse. You find a great deal on a 2-in-1 you can't easily return and discover it's a piece of junk. Or you spend a lot of money on a new laptop and, just a few weeks later, a new model makes yours obsolete.

Fortunately, you don't have to waste a lot of money buying devices that are either underperforming or on their way out. Here's a list of laptops you'd be a fool to buy right now.

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  • Fynn Roberts Says:


    Big fan of this website but reading tip no10 was like taking a gun and shooting my wallet as I got a laptop with a gtx 960m or somewhere around there over x-mass good thing I'm not to interested in vr though if it struggles to play games from 2017 it'll be a bit of a let down:(

  • Joe Bean Says:

    Good article! It is a great idea to periodically do an article like that to help customers plan their purchase.

    I would add the Macbook Pros, as I find Apple didn't do anything compelling to buy at that price, unless you really need one now. Let's teach them a lesson you can't sell old tech at that price. They need at least Kaby Lake if they want to charge that amount of money. Hopefully, they would offer more models without touch bar for less too, but that might not be in their best interest.

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