Kindles Are Blue Screening Windows 10. Here's a Workaround.

Over the last days, we've seen reports about Windows 10 Anniversary Update machines getting hit by the Blue Screen of Death whenever someone plugs an Amazon Kindle eReader into its USB port. The Register reported on this problem yesterday (August 25), but fortunately, there's a way around this issue that requires only a small amount of foresight.

When we plugged a Kindle Voyage into a Surface 3 with Anniversary Update on board, we got an immediate blue screen of death. However, the system worked fine after it restarted with the Kindle already plugged in. 

So if your Kindle is crashing your PC (and some users who transfer .epub and other files manually over USB need that physical connection), take a moment to restart your system or put it to sleep before plugging in your Kindle. 

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Hopefully, Microsoft or Kindle will address the blue screens of death in an upcoming release. We will update this story if and when such a patch is released. 

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