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General Dynamics Itronix Announces New Ultra Rugged GD8200 Laptop

For some types of computer users, only the most durable machine will do. That's exactly who General Dynamics Itronix had in mind when they built the rugged GD8200 laptop. Just unveiled, this burly device meets the brutal U.S. Military MIL-STD 810G specification.

What that means precisely is the GD8200 has been constructed to survive punishing abuse and extreme environments that would leave other laptops dead in their tracks. We are talking about wild and prolonged temperature swings, violent vibrations and drops, plus exposure to water, dust, and sustained winds.

Made to work outdoors, the GD8200 also has a bright 13.3-inch touchscreen that's viewable in direct sunlight and can be used with gloved hands. The system is a full-blown Windows 7 notebook as well, running an Intel Core i7 CPU. Also included are radios for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G cellular broadband. The GD8200 even has its own handle, which will likely come in handy toting its 7.8 pound weight.

This durability doesn't come cheap, with the GD8200's starting price at $4,460. Still, if you need a portable for your next trip to the Arctic, theater deployment, or factory floor installation, it could be exactly what you need.