Best Windows 7 Laptops Still Available For Sale

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Windows 8/8.1 has had a difficult time capturing the hearts and minds of PC users as a result of its steep learning curve and major UI overhaul. Unfortunately, PC users can no longer purchase new Windows 7 installs or downloads, but that doesn't mean Windows 7 is gone for good. Shoppers in search of Windows 7 can still buy an up-to-date notebook that comes preloaded with the OS, but only if they know where to look. These are the best Windows 7 laptops you can buy today.

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Daniel P. Howley
Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Senior Writer
A newspaper man at heart, Dan Howley wrote for Greater Media Newspapers before joining He also served as a news editor with ALM Media’s Law Technology News, and he holds a B.A. in English from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Senior Writer on
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  • Jordan Says:

    I can't buy any of them the price is to high

  • Robert Sattler Says:

    Windows 8 Utterly destroyed my gift of a laptop for my mothers 80th Birthday present,my brother uses it only.

    Windows 7 Professional is the ONLY OS that is usable for a NEVER before computer user, apple I would MUCH rather have spent the money instead of the awful Dell Inspiron,even an ipad with internet wi fi was more but wow it SURE would have been worth it. I make music with SONAR the hobby DAW,that could be great if it had an apple version now I'm so ensconced in their subscription based thing. X3 Producer and Windows 7 Professional. I'm NOT looking forward to W 10 and subscription based cakewalk future AT all.

  • alexander Says:

    ive learnt on windows 7,its the best!!!&no bombardment of commercials!!!!&stinkn rotten pop-ups galore,period.easy to learn with,faster results&performance,stuff!!!windows 8&windows 10 too!!!!happy herpies!!!to both of them,im sticking to windows 7 period.wouldnt look sideways at other search modes.

  • SZB Says:

    I agree with all others. I have not met anyone that likes windows 8, even young people. Who in heck created this monstrosity, this creation that, frustrates, waaaay to complicated,makes me angry, i am ready to pull my hair out, stupid creation WINDOWS 8, horrible experience, can never get any work finished on my home computer....ready to throw it off my balcony......PLEASE BRING BACK WINDOWS 7, so much more simple basic, i was soooo into using it, it was soooo much us worldwide....from a intensely frustrated Windows 8 attempting trying to figure it out American Citizen.....

  • debra CHRISTNER Says:

    I need to find a laptop 7 any make ...I have a special needs child who does not read or write but loves to play on the computer. She is learning what keys to press to get her favorite song FROZEN. I do not do computers very much or very well, so I cannot help her with something like windows 8. Where can i get a cheap laptop regular size for her. It keeps her very happy and she has less moments of crying when she is on the computer.Does anyone know where I can get one for little money. thank you

  • Yeahright Says:


    Um, I bought a Win7 disc and built a new PC myself--in APRIL. Article date is February. So it is and was still for sale, and I can still get system disks anywhere--so it IS still available

  • Florica Beizer Says:

    Windows 8 is horrible. Why somebody sell something like that?

  • Food Freak Says:

    What do you think of the Mac Book Pro?

    How do I find IPad deals?

  • Food Freak Says:

    I want desperately to purchase new laptop as I HATE the M-Surface I bought. Looking to find M-7 and just read your comment _
    " PC users can no longer purchase new Windows 7 installs or downloads, but that doesn’t mean Windows 7 is gone for good."
    So if I can't get updates or downloads, what does that mean?

  • myri Says:

    Windows 8 is the most horrible os ever. Been using windows since 3.1 and never have I experienced such problems. After spending so much for my laptop, now its useless and have to buy another with windows 7 as my custom model will not accept w7. Maybe this was a ploy so people would have to purchase two computers.

  • Jerry V. Says:

    The worst release ever....Microsoft take Windows 8 and cram it up your arses.

  • Osita Emma Says:

    I prefer windows 7

  • Darla RPLT Says:

    I'm trying to decide what most closely compares to the constant irritation I have experienced over the past year since getting a new laptop with Windows 8. Maybe a kennel of barking dogs next door? No, actually I can't think of anything that has frustrated and angered me as much as the hated Windows 8. It is like falling down a circuitous-route hole with Alice in Wonderland.

  • gareth Says:

    i have a acer v5 running windows 8 and i dont like it and wanna go back to 7 because am having softwere problems

  • Russ Kincaid Says:

    Did Gateway stop making computers? I have a Gateway XP that is Windows Vista capable with a 15.3" screen. What windows 7
    laptop would be the nearest f-f-f
    to my Gateway? Thanks.
    Korea Veteran

  • Gezeer Says:

    October 2014, not October 2013 as reported here.

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