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Tim Cook Drops Hints of New MacBook in Customer Email

When a MacRumors reader wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking for any details about a potential MacBook Pro refresh, they may not have been expecting a response. But the customer did receive a reply, and it points to a possible update to Apple's laptops coming sooner rather than later.

"I love the Mac and we are very committed to it," Cook allegedly wrote to the customer. "Stay tuned."

MacRumors wasn't able to guarantee the source of the email, but it said that it saw the full headers, and that they appeared to come from Apple's corporate servers. It's not a surprise for someone in Apple's C-suite to respond to emails; Steve Jobs did it all the time, and iOS and macOS head Craig Federighi recently made the news for doing so.

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If true, the email would confirm emails of an imminent (and much-needed) refresh to a rapidly-aging line of MacBooks, including the Pro, 12-inch MacBook and, possibly, the Air. Rumored updates include Touch ID, an OLED touch-strip replacing the function keys and USB Type-C ports. An event in October to announce a new MacBook lineup has been long rumored, but no invites have been sent out to confirm that.

The last major redesign of the MacBook Pro was in 2012, adding a Retina display and, in the 15-inch model, discrete graphics.

Have you written to Apple and gotten a response? Let us know about it in the comments.

via MacRumors

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