Here's How Microsoft Will Improve Edge in Creators Update

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Microsoft clearly knows its Edge web browser isn't finished yet, and yesterday (Jan. 31) the company announced improvements coming in April's Creators Edition Update. The major updates focus on tab management, though Edge will also gain more support for eBooks, payments and 3D content.

First, you'll be able to tap a downward-arrow icon at the top of the screen to see previews of the other tabs in your window. This beats how Apple's Safari offers teeny tiny previews of open tabs for Touch Bar machines.

Edge will also offer a new tab management option to "set aside" open tabs with a single click, and then later restore them from a sidebar called "Tabs you've set aside." If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can get similar functionality with the OneTab extension.

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Edge will also be gaining support for 3D content, as Microsoft announced last October when it unveiled Creators Edition. The example shown at the event allowed retailers to offer downloads of 3D objects of chairs on sale so users could see how they looked in their homes while wearing HoloLens. Users will also be able to rotate 360-degree content within the browser.

As we previously reported Edge will be used as the e-Reader app for the upcoming eBook store in the Windows Store app. The browser will gain support for Microsoft Wallet, for easier online shopping. Microsoft is also adding a shortcut option for New InPrivate Windows to the Edge start menu icon, making it easier to browse secretly.

If you don't want to wait, you can become a Windows Insider to see these updates now.

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