How to Disable Flash in Windows 10's Edge Browser

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Disable Flash in Edge Browser

Adobe's popular Flash plugin has long been infamous, because of its security holes. Mozilla has even made the bold move of disabling it by default in Firefox. However, Windows 10 comes with Flash built right into the operating system and its Edge browser. Since Microsoft is managing the code, it may be safer, but a lot of people don't want to take the risk. Here's how to disable Flash in Microsoft Edge.

1. Click the menu button in Edge. It's the three dots in the upper right corner. 

click menu

2. Select Settings from the menu.

select settings

3.  Click the "View advanced settings" button. You'll have to scroll down a little bit to find it.

Click view advanced settings

4. Toggle "Use Adobe Flash Player" to off.

Toggle flash to off



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  • GiftedPriestess Says:

    Just to add on the Nostromov, while adblock plus is awesomen uBlock Origion is a little bit better.. I say this from experience of using adblock plus for over 10 years..

  • Nostromov Says:

    Oh, sorry, forgot to add!.. Micro$oft had made sure that this is impossible to do on their mobile browser; & that the Opera Mini version which they *do* offer, cannot accept Adblock Plus (like it can on Android, simple, heh.)

  • Nostromov Says:

    Of course that Edge will be swamped with ads and malware, just like the Internet Exploder which came before it...

    Gotta use a *real* web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera & install Adblock Plus (beware of fakes, the site is :))

  • Ron M. Says:

    This method for disabling Flash does not work. Pop up movies and ads continue.

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