How to Change Edge Browser's Download Folder

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Change Edge Downloads

By default, Windows 10's Edge Browser saves every file you download to the "Downloads" folder under your profile. For example, a user named "avram" would have a default download folder of C:\Users\avram\Downloads. But what if you want to save your files to a different folder or even to the desktop? Edge doesn't provide any way to change the downloads folder in its settings menu, but you can set a new location in the registry. Here's how.

1. Open the registry editor. You can get there by hitting Windows + R, typing "regedit" into the run menu and hitting Enter.


2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders. You can get there by opening the folders in the left pane.

User Shell Folders

3. Open the registry key with a Data setting of %USERPROFILE%\Downloads. It will probably be named {374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B}.

Select the key with %USERPROFILE\Downloads as data

4. Set the Value data to the new file path (ex: C\mydownloads). If you want downloads to save to the desktop set it to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.

Change the folder

5. Close the registry editor.

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  • John Cena Says:

    Immediate uninstall!!

    I finally upgraded to Windows 10 and gave Edge a shot. Our affair hit a snag quickly. Don't take us for children or Apple customers. Download location is so basic. Is this still in Beta? I waited as long as I could!!

  • Dish Monir Says:

    How to Change Edge Browser's Download Folder

  • John JS Says:

    Do MS even look at what others are doing?
    Why cant we be allowed to choose destination folder as needed? All other browsers allow this. An Regedit???????? really?
    Another thing...why cant edge handle tabs over a certain some point I cant scroll to the newest browser tabs I`ve opened...I really see nothing improved from IE...Why do MS even bother... If I was a MS developer...I am not sure I could live with my self...have you no pride?????? and BING?????? Jeeez...

  • Jonny Says:

    Microsoft must not want people using Edge. This is a very basic setting that they make you jump through hoops to change.

  • HQuocN Says:

    Are you kidding me? I'm using win10 and have to bing to find how to make a quick change to the location of download folder. This is really stupid.

  • Juan Abet Says:

    This situations illustrates a wider growing problem in the software industry -- the "we know better than you what you need" attitude.

    From Adobe moving popular features, to other browsers resetting our options with each update, to this nonsense with trying to control where we save things (Microsoft is not alone, Firefox resets my download directory about monthly) -- there's a steady trend toward replacing options with dictates.

    It is onerous and maddening.

  • Philip Says:

    I agree with Microsofthater, windows 10 was supposed to be vetted by lots of beta users, can't believe this never surfaced during that time.

  • MicrosoftHater Says:

    Microsoft: "We are one of the most powerful companies out there! We can create a really badass web browser!!!"
    *a few months later*
    Me: "How can I change the downloads folder?"
    Microsoft: "Uhh... eh.. regedit"
    You must be kidding me... I am tired of opening the registry for every single thing I want to modify. What's next? I got to access the registry to add/delete bookmarks?

  • DCer Says:

    This is way over-complicated. Just change the target of the download folder to the desktop, etc. Right-click the downloads folder, then move target... Done.

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