How to Add a Page to the Reading List in Microsoft Edge Browser

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Have you ever browsed the net and stumbled on a really interesting article that you didn’t have time to read right that second? Of course you have. Thankfully, in Edge browser, Microsoft has a quick and easy way to save a story so you can read it later or even offline, all without cluttering up your favorites list. 

Here's how to add a page to your reading list in Edge.

1. Open Edge.

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2. Find an article you want to save for later.

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3. Hit the Star button in the top right of the browser.

edge star 675403

4. Click the button called Reading List (if it isn't already selected).

edge reading list 675403

5. Hit Add. If you want, you can change the title of the story before hitting add.

add list edge 675403

When you want to go back and read the story, hit the button with three vertical lines in the top right, hit the reading list button and then select the story you want to read by clicking on it.

edge read later