How to Block Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge Browser

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Microsoft Edge blocks pop-up windows by default, but if by some accident or tragedy that setting has been disabled and you're being plagued again with intrusive windows, here's how to turn that settings back on. 

1. Open Edge.

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2. Click the More button in the top right (the one with the three dots).

screenshot (16) 2837571453415062 675379.5

3. Click Settings.

screenshot (17) 2837571453415061 675379.5

4. Scroll down and click "View Advanced Settings."

screenshot (18) 2837571453415061 675379.5

5. Click the slider under the heading that says "Block pop-ups."

screenshot (14) 2837571453415061 675379.5

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  • TSoffley Says:

    followed directions and still edge pops are irritating the everloving out of me. I cant open another browser without the blasted things trying to stop me. I hate edge. I did load my bookmarks but all I see are stars. worthless and stupid

  • sudhakar Says:

    If you don’t use Edge, and I don’t, then its presence in Windows 10 might be a bit of an annoyance, especially when it sets (and occasionally resets) itself to not only be the default browser, but the default PDF reader too. Fortunately, you can block the browser, so you don’t need to ever worry about it again.

  • Lizzy Says:

    Cortana has been disabled somehow? I've followed the instructions to enable - Advanced Settings etc -
    however Cortana is shaded grey and therefore not allowing me to use the slider
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

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