How to Change Edge Browser's Search Engine to Google

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How to Change Default Search Engine in Edge Browser


Microsoft's new Edge browser for Windows 10 packs a bunch of useful features, such as Cortana embedded and easier sharing, but its default search engine is Bing. So when you type a query into the address bar, the results come from Microsoft's second-place search engine, not from Google. Here's how to change it.

1. Open Edge.

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2. Go to Settings by tapping the three-dot button on the top right.

screenshot (74) 2769181440601071 675219.67455621302

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3. Scroll down and press the Advanced Settings box.

screenshot (77) 359.48356807512403

4. Tap the dropdown arrow at the end of the "Search the address bar with" field. You may have to scroll down to find it.

screenshot (79) 604.5403


5. Select Add New.

screenshot (80) 389.96766169154403

6. Select your favorite search service from the options available. Edge displays apps, such as Twitter, that are already in your system and can be used as a native search engine. For this guide, we're choosing Google.

screenshot (82) 457.27220630372403

7. Press Add As Default to use your selection as the default search engine. If you hit the Add button, Edge puts your selection into the dropdown list of options that shows up in step 5 above. These boxes will be grayed out until you select a search option.

screenshot (82) 550.43902439024403

You're done. Now, whenever you type a query into the address bar or the Where To Next field on a new page, Edge will use your preferred search engine. 

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  • Thomas Weeston Says:

    Since selecting Google as preferred search engine under Edge browser, there is an annoying, 'every page change' popup asking if I want to switch to Chrome. This is distracting, annoying, and disrupts my focus. Is there any way to keep Google but stop the constant question-popup about Chrome?

  • Frank Says:

    Try it won't even find this objective search engine that has been around since long before Google, Yahoo and Bing. All MS preferred search engines are highly biased and only show what they want you to see and works with Cortana

  • Dave Mc Says:

    This doesn't work as the step 7 comes up with no alternatives that I can select and the boxes under it are greyed out.

  • Iain Riule Says:

    Step 1.5: Browse to in Edge.

  • user1 Says:

    First download the Google as an application, and during the installation process select Google as your default browser. Later you may have to go thru the settings and select it in the Edge's advanced settings.

  • Peter Spanagel Says:

    Like your other correspondents, no other option is listed. How do I fix this?
    Thank you

  • Cyman Says:

    Like Sebrina I have no Google as a listed option. Actually, I have no options, just an empty list. How to fix this?

  • Sebrina Says:

    When trying to add google it does not even come up as an option. How do I fix this?

  • Kevin Says:

    My Edge browser will not add Google nor make it the default option. Either way it says "Couldn't add this provider" in red letters. I have tried it numerous times.

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