How to Set Homepage on Edge Browser

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Who has time to type in a URL or a set of URLs just to have their frequently visited websites open whenever they start their browser? No one. And even if some browsers display your favorite sites on the start page, nothing beats having your destinations ready for you when you start your browser. With Microsoft's new Edge browser for Windows 10, not only can you set your homepage so your favorite site is waiting for you when you launch the program, you can also specify as many other Web pages to open as you want. Here's how to set it up.

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1. Open Edge.

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2. Tap the three-dot menu button on the top right. 

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3. Select Settings.

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4. Check the box for A Specific Page Or Pages under the Open With section. A drop down menu will appear.

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5. Click the down arrow at the end of the drop down menu.

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6. Pick Custom. You can also choose from the predefined MSN or Bing pages.

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7. Enter the URL of the page you wish to add.

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8. Tap the Plus sign next to the box to add another page. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have all the pages you want.

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9. Close the settings panel when you're done adding all the sites you want. 

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Your preferences have been saved, and the next time you open your browser, all your favorite pages will be waiting for you. 

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  • Ion Freeman Says:

    Cherlynn, it's worth updating this story to reflect John and Vin's work below. As it stands, this degrades Laptop Mag's brand.

  • Donald Kratz Says:

    I set Edge to open my yahoo homepage when I open the browser. However, the home icon (the one shaped like a house) opens a different page (I think it may be the Edge start page, not my yahoo homepage. Then I have to figure out how to get back to my homepage. Not good! How do I set that icon correctly?

  • JPaulo Says:

    Think just maybe they don't want you doing this? Hmmmmm? how much easier on Firefox!!!

  • Daniel Says:

    Yep - John has the proper directions. I finally got rid f all the data sucking stuff that it would start on otherwise. Thank You John

  • Kevin Says:

    Edge is a complete joke. Why take away the ease of use that is in Explorer. Why can't I set up a bunch of tabs for my home page, then click a SINGLE BUTTON to save the current tab set as my home pages like I can in IE? WTH?? Leave it to MS to make newer software less user friendly.

  • Steve Says:

    Followed all of the steps exactly. Out of 11 browser launches, only one (randomly)opened to the web page that I had set as default.

  • MazterGee Says:

    Thank you 'Vin B' for sharing the correct solution.

  • Vin B Says:

    Thank you John (from the earlier comments).

    The correct answer to how to set your home page is what John posted, this does in fact work:

    TO set the home page...
    Applies to Windows 10

    1.Select More (…) on the address bar, then Settings.

    2.Select View advanced settings.

    3.Turn on Show the home button.

    3. Change the drop down menu to "a specific page"

    4.Enter the URL of your home page (Replace "Home:Start") and click on Save.

    ~ The original article on this page is how to change your start page. Two years later the author has not corrected her invalid article title.

  • Tom Bales Says:

    The HOME page and the START page are NOT the same page. The START page comes up when you open the browser, the HOME page comes up when you click home. Misinformation is worse than no information when you're trying to find out how to change the HOME page and all you can find are 10000 identical articles on changing the START page.

  • reggie Says:

    Agree with Daddywarbuck, home icon returns one to the start page not the home page and it is not possible to get rid of the junk start page.

  • Kerry Says:

    Same problem: The instructions above didn't work for me. I can't get Edge to open with MY selected (home) page. It's no longer intuitive. The same for adding a URL to the favorites bar. The problem is that even though "35" of us have complained about these two changes it's most likely you won't fix them; so what good does it do to ask here? I'll continue to use Maxthon.

  • JohnnyNight Says:

    Just tried John's idea, maybe have to restart.. that didn't work either.. Not that I haven't had problems with Edge since I downloaded Windows 10.. Edge didn't work for the 3 days till I realized my security / virus software Vipre was preventing it from working. Have to turn off Edge Protection in Vipre for Edge to work..

  • JohnnyNight Says:

    This doesn't set the homepage.. Still looking for a way to do it..

  • Daddywarbucks Says:

    As John indicated, semantics are important. The Start Pages are not the same as the Home Page. You can only set one Home Page and this is a big failure of Edge.

  • John @ Tech Savvy Says:

    This does NOT set the home page. This sets the START page(s) that open when you open the browser. You should also tell your readers that if you have multiple pages open when the browser opens that this could SIGNIFICANTLY delay your initial use of the browser, in particular, it will negatively impact the start time before you can use it.

    TO set the home page...
    Applies to Windows 10

    1.Select More (…) on the address bar, then Settings.

    2.Select View advanced settings.

    3.Turn on Show the home button.

    4.Enter the URL of your home page (Replace "Home:Start") and select Save.


  • David Taylor Says:

    Advice on changing home page using Edge does not change the page opened by the 'Home' icon, only the page that the browser opens with. How do you change the page opened by the 'Home' icon? Another Edge fail?

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