How to See the List of Apps Cortana Can Integrate With

Microsoft's personal assistant, Cortana, can do several cool tricks, working with the apps you have installed from the Windows store. Cortana doesn't work with all third-party apps, however. Find out which apps are integrated with Cortana by following the steps below.

1. Click "Ask me anything" in the taskbar to wake Cortana up.

2. Click the question mark button. Cortana will list some tasks it can do.

3. Scroll down to see the list of Cortana-enabled apps. You'll also see a suggestion for what you can do with Cortana and those apps.

4. Click the app to see more suggestions.

5. Click the microphone or type in the Cortana "Ask me anything box" to enter the name of the app and the command, such as "Netflix, find House of Cards."

In addition to Netflix, Cortana also works with Fitbit and Uber, so you can say "Fitbit, I ate a bagel for breakfast" or "Uber, get me a ride." You can also have Cortana open third-party apps as well as default Windows programs, like File Explorer, on Windows 10.

Currently, Cortana integrates with more apps on Windows Phone than on Windows 10, but we expect the numbers to increase as Microsoft continues to develop Cortana and more developers work on their Windows apps.

Cortana Tips and How-Tos