How to Create Cortana Reminders with Windows 10 Sticky Notes

While some people pepper their desks with sticky notes to remind them of upcoming appointments, Windows 10 makes it easy to create sticky notes on your desktop. Even better, Cortana will add these reminders to your calendar. That way you can still have the visual cue and have a more formal prompt to make sure you don't forget.

Here's how to create Cortana Reminders with Windows 10 Sticky Notes:

 1. Open the Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar.

 2. Select Sticky Notes.

3. Write your reminder note, and be sure to include a date or time.

You can use a stylus and write your reminder or type it with the keyboard. If you write, you may have to try multiple times if you have messy handwriting.

4. Tap the time or date when it turns blue.

5. Tap "Add Reminder."

6. Correct any errors and click Remind.

7. Cortana will confirm the reminder and alert you prior to the event. 

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