How to Find Your Phone With Cortana

It's a common problem. You're at home, or in the office, or a in coffee shop, and you just can't find your phone. You could ask a friend to call you so you can hear the missing device ring -- or you could just ask Cortana.

If you have Windows 10 build 14316 or above on your PC, and a Windows 10 phone or an Android phone with Cortana installed, you can make your computer buzz your handset. Here's how.

0. Make sure you have the current version of Cortana on your Android phone (if you have Android). You can download it from the Google Play store.

1. Select the Cortana box on your Windows 10 desktop. 

2. Type "ring my phone" or "find my phone." 

Alternatively, you could ask Cortana with your voice by clicking on the microphone icon and speaking one of those phrases.

3. Select the icon that matches the phrase you entered. Make sure it says "I can help with this" under the icon or you may end up with a search result set or third-party app instead.

Your phone will start ringing.

4. Tap the "Stop Ringing" button on your phone to stop the buzzing.

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