How to Send SMS Messages With Cortana on Windows 10

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update gives  Cortana some fancy new abilities. Among them is the option to send and receive SMS text messages from an Android or Windows phone. With just a couple of keystrokes or your voice, the personal assistant can send an SMS. But first, you'll have to set it up. The following instructions detail how to do this with an Android phone.

Here's how to send SMS messages with Cortana on Windows 10:

Setup on Android

1. Download Cortana for  Android from the Google Play Store to your phone.

2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner.

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3, Tap Settings.

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4. Select "Sync Notifications."

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5. Turn on "Missed call notifications," "Incoming message notifications," and "App notifications sync."

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Setup on Windows 10

1. Click Settings in Cortana.

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2. Turn on "Send notifications between devices."screenshot (34) 604.5403

Send an SMS

1. Activate Cortana.

2. Either say "Text [NAME]" or type "SMS [NAME]," to start sending an SMS. You can only SMS people in your contacts in Windows 10.

3. Dictate or type your message.

screenshot (29)

4. Say or click "Send."

Respond to Incoming Text Messages

When you receive a text message, you'll now get a Windows 10 alert notification. You can type your reply directly in a text field that appears in the notification window.


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  • Julie Says:

    Just download mightytext from the Google play store on your phone. It's free and it works great! You can upgrade to the premium version but it's $9.99 a month. I think that is a bit steep, considering you can get Amazon prime for a dollar more. Not that it has anything to do with texting, but I'm just putting it in to perspective as to what you get for your money.

  • Lori Imdad Says:

    Worked like a charm on sending, waiting to test the sync. Overall, I'm thrilled. :D

  • Victoria Says:

    I've done all of these things, but my PC still doesn't receive the messages.

  • Franzel Says:

    Works great with my Lumia. But I'd rather have messaging app working properly. You type a long sms, switch windows and all text is instantly lost

  • Paul Linck Says:

    I got it all setup and it acts like it works. But it doesn't. I don't get any of my texts on my desktop and none if the texts that it says it sent get sent. Seems like a major part is missing.

  • Lorena P Says:

    I can send texts but I dont receive notification of texts received...

  • qquestion Says:

    is there any way to do this with an iphone or no?

  • Not Working Says:

    All it does is Bing search............

  • Richard Stenson Says:

    SO this works great. But on my Galaxy S7 I am noticing that it always double lists each text. Only sends it once, but it shows up twice in the thread.

    Anyone else see this?

  • Charlie Brown Says:

    Windows is so lame and so behind in their phones. If you want to text from your computer the best is BlackBerry Blend! Text to anyone from Pc, attach files, copy and past numbers. Blackberry phones works better with Outlook than Windows phones.. Step up your Windows phones and it should have best sync and exchange abilities compared to android and blackberry but doesnt

  • Shahed Says:

    Cortana is incompatible with a number of android devices like mobile phones Alcatel idol 3, Samsung Galaxy S3.

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