How to Send SMS Messages on Your Mac

While many Mac users already enjoy getting and sending iMessages on their MacBooks and iMac, it's easy to add SMS messaging to your Apple computer. This adds a ton of convenience to your messaging, allowing you to issue and answer messages without your eyes leaving your Mac's display.

It's also useful when you're at home as it allows you to text without detaching your iPhone from its charging cable. Here's how to get SMS texts on a Mac: 

1. Open Messages on your Mac. If you've already signed into Messages on your Mac, skip to Step 4.

2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

3. On your iPhone tap OK.

4. On your iPhone, tap Settings.

5. Tap Messages.

6. Tap Text Message Forwarding. You'll now see the Macs, iPads and other devices connected to your Apple ID.

7. Turn on the switch next to a device.

8. Find the code that appears in Messages.

9. Enter that code on your iPhone and tap Allow.

You're now receiving SMS texts on your Mac!

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