How to Send SMS Messages on a PC with Mysms

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You could juggle your keyboard and your Android phone when you're multitasking between SMS texts and work. Or you could make life easier by setting up the free mysms service on your PC or Mac.

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One of the perks of mysms is that it will automatically match phone numbers of senders and recipients to your contacts in your Google account. Here's how to send SMS Messages on a PC using mysms:

1. On your Android device, install mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync from the Google App store.


2. Tap Open.smswinand02

3. Tap Sign in with Google.


4. Select an account or tap add account, and tap OK. If you select Add Account, you'll be prompted to enter login information. smswinand04 2956911469810008

5. Tap Allow.smswinand05

6. Tap Later. Unless you find these features worth your money.smswinand07

7. Tap Next.smswinand08

8. Tap Allow when prompted five times to grant your mysms permission to send messages.smswinand09

9. On your PC or Mac, open and select the operating system of your choice. To see Mac OS X and Windows 7 and XP, click All mysms desktop apps. If you want to use mysms in a browser without downloading software, sign in at


10. Download, install and run the software.smswin03

11. Click Login. smswin12

12. Enter the Google account email address from Step 4 and click Next.smswin13

13 . Enter the password and click Sign in. 



You're now sending and receiving texts on your PC with mysms! 


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