How to Make Cortana Show the Weather for Multiple Cities

In Windows 10, Cortana conveniently shows you the weather for your current location. If you travel often, however, you'll probably want the virtual assistant to give you the weather report for more cities. Here's how to add one or more cities to Cortana's weather forecast.

1. Click in the "Ask me anything" field in the taskbar to open Cortana.

2. Click the ellipsis (three dots) next to your location and weather forecast.

3. Click "Edit in Notebook."

4. Scroll down and click "Add a city."

5. Type in a city name to search for it. 

6. Check the box next to "Notify me about weather incidents" if you want to get breaking news alerts related to that city's weather.

7. Click the Add button.

Whenever you open Cortana, you'll see the forecast for both your current location and any additional cities you've added. Click the down arrow to see more weather details for that location, right in your taskbar.

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