How to Force Cortana to Use a Different Search Engine

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By default, Cortana wants to serve each of your searches using Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. Bing has come a long way, but it’s still not the powerhouse Google is. If you want to switch to the search engine most of the world relies on, here’s how it’s done.


This all comes down to your default browser. If you’re using Edge, Cortana will default to Bing. If you’re using Firefox, it’ll default to Google. For Chrome users, it requires a plugin install. Here’s how to switch the browser, and set up the Chrome plugin, if needed.

1. Type Settings into the Cortana search bar and hit Enter.


2. Select System.

select system3. Choose Default apps.

default apps4. Navigate to Web browser, click Microsoft Edge and change it to Firefox or Chrome.

change appFirefox defaults to Google, so if that’s your preferred browser, you’re done. If you prefer Chrome, keep reading.

5. Download and install the Chrometana extension.


6. Choose your preferred search engine from the list that pops up after the install.


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  • Hedobum Says:

    I can confirm this does not work. I have my default browser set to Firefox...Cortana continues to use Bung as the default search engine.
    Figured I would try the Chrome route (even though I don't use Chrome). Cortana continues to use Bung as the default. This is most annoying and I'm regretting my switch to W10 on the daily.
    I'm also confirming that Windows 10 does indeed suck!

  • james raymond Says:

    it didn't work. I did all the recommended steps including installing chrometana and I still don't get google. I still get bing in the search box

  • Mark W Says:

    Haha, AlanB, really? I was using Bing last night because I had my Rift on so had to use Cortana to search. Tried 15 different searches for the same thing and couldn't get the result I needed. Gave up, took of the Rift, typed one search into Google and the first result was exactly what I'd been looking for.

  • name0987 Says:

    Due to recent changes in Windows 10, Chrome is unable to process searches made by Cortana, breaking Chrometana. Check out the blog for more info

    Broken until further notice

  • James Edward Hill Says:

    This does not work to force cortana to use a different browser. Follow these instructions and your default browser will be firefox or chrome, but cortana will still use edge and bing.

  • AlanB Says:

    So, how is it that, as a search engine, Google is superior to Bing? While it seems that more people use Goggle and that Google will provide more hits, I've consistently found that Bing provides more relevant hits higher up the list of results. To double check this I found some old Bing/Google comparison tools on the web (Using Bing - because Google returned no results for that search) Anyway, I'm curious what the imperative is to switch the default search engine - and what you might be compromising by doing so(?)

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