How to Create Reading Reminders Using Cortana and Edge

If you’re like me, tabs are the bane of your existence. You always have far too many open, and when it comes time to remember why they were open in the first place you completely blank. Many of these, in my case, are reading reminders -- articles I want to come back to and read later, but often forget to save in Pocket. Using Cortana and Edge, you can set reminders about these URLs to come back to them later, all without support from third-party software.

1. Open Edge and navigate to any URL.

2. Click the share icon in the top right of the page.

3. Choose Cortana Reminders from the available options.

4. Fill in the spaces with what you wanted to be reminded about (reading this article), and what time you’d like to be reminded.

5. Click the Remind button at the bottom to save the reminder.

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