How To Search for Files With Cortana in Windows 10

Not being able to find a file is one of the biggest frustrations you can have with a computer. Whether you can't remember where you saved it, what the file was called or you just need it now and have no time to jump in and out of nested directories, this is a problem that you've probably suffered at least once.

Thankfully, Microsoft's addition of Cortana -- which can parse text thanks to natural language recognition -- in Windows 10 gives you a faster and easier way to search for that file you so desperately need. Here's how to quickly pull up the photos you shot over the weekend, the last document you had open and that presentation you are supposed to share with your team. Cortana can also point you to emails and other file types, depending on how you phrase your query.

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How To Find A Group of Photos You Took With Cortana

1. Type your search request into the Cortana Search Box, asking it to show you a specific kind of file, and name the day or time window you used it. 

2. Select the "Show me..." option that "Search photos" under it.

Cortana's found the photos you were looking for, so you can look back at the simpler and more decadent times.

How To Use Cortana To Find The Last File You Opened

1. Type your request into the Cortana Search Box, specifying that you're looking for the last file you opened. 

2. Select the "Show me" option that has "Search documents" under it.

There's that file you were just using, and the directory it can be found in is listed as well. 

How To Find Your Presentations With Cortana

1. Ask Cortana to show you your presentation files.

2. Select the "show me" option that has "Search documents" underneath it.

There's that presentation you needed!

Cortana Tips and How-Tos

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