How to Use Your iPad: Tips and Tricks

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ahr0chm6ly93d3cubgfwdg9wbwfnlmnvbs9pbwfnzxmvdxbsb2fkcy81mtazl2cvyxbwbgutaxbhzc05ny0ymde3lw53lwcwos5qcgc= 3236731517256577When someone says tablet, most people think "iPad." They're the best tablets around and iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, has plenty of special features that are made for a slate. In fact, if you know the tricks, you can use your iPad, iPad Mini or iPad Pro for real work. 

Our how-tos will also teach you how to customize your iPad, secure it, and use all of the best multitasking features and gestures. Now get to work. Or play. With these tips, that's up to you.

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