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How to Change the Apple ID on an iPad

Have you ever created a new Apple ID, but your old account still remains tied to your tablet? Or perhaps you share your iPad with your sibling or spouse and you don’t want their purchases being  charged to your account. Luckily you can easily change the Apple ID that’s associated with a device by following these simple steps. This guide will tell you how to change the Apple ID tied to  iTunes and App store purchases as well as the iCloud.

1. Navigate to the Settings menu. You can do this by tapping the Settings icon after unlocking your iPad.

2. Choose your profile from the top of the menu.

3. Scroll to the bottom and select Sign Out to log out of the current Apple ID associated with the device.

4. You may have to enter your AppleID.

5. Tap "Sign in to your iPad" and sign in with the new user.

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