How to Quickly Transfer Images from an iPad to a PC

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Though iTunes is great for copying individual music tracks and video to and from an iPad, getting individual images you’ve saved on the iPad from the Photos app isn’t as easy. E-mailing each image gets tedious if you have more than two or three, and you might not want to sync your entire My Photos library to the device if you just want a few. Thankfully, there’s a faster way.

1. Connect the iPad to a computer via the USB cord.

2. On the iPad, press "Allow" when a pop up asks for permission to allow your PC to see the files. Otherwise, the device will only charge.

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3. Windows will recognize the iPad as a hard drive and AutoPlay may prompt you with Device Options. Choose “Open device to view files,” if so. Otherwise, find the iPad in Windows Explorer.

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4. Open the disk, then navigate to DCIM > 100APPLE.

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Here you’ll find all images from the Saved Photos folder.


If you want to do it wirelessly, you can also tried a cloud service like Google Photos or iCloud. 

Additional contributions by Andrew E. Freedman

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  • Frederick Says:

    This is quick but there may be hidden price to be paid. I suspect that it corrupts date stamps of videos. Be careful if those are important to you.

    My ipad seems to use a "Created" field for the date when the video was taken. (I have no idea where it gets the "Modified" field.)

    When I tried using the above process, the value of the ipad "Created" field was nowhere to be found on the PC. (The "Date created" field on the PC was populated by the date when the video was transferred using windows explorer. The PC "Modified date" value seems to come from the ipad "Modified" field. I am not interested in either of those.)

    When I tried the "Photos" app on the PC (currently recommended using apple's web-site), most of the dates (including "Date created" and "Date modified") were populated with the "Created" value. These preserved the date when the video was taken and is almost always what I am looking for.

    I will not be using windows explorer to transfer videos from my ipad to my PC.

    (And thanks to Apple for making this process as cumbersome and opaque as possible).

  • hazel Poplar Says:

    i have the trust this computer and i did, but no ipad in the explorer?? why doesn't it show?

  • Anthony Says:

    Worked fine. Just followed the instructions, let the computers do their thing and 3,500 images came across from iPad. No issues with images once on pc. Once the images are brought over, iPad recognises that it has been done once and doesn't allow another transfer.

  • Matt Morrison Says:

    this doesn't work
    my computer will play the music on it with I tunes, but I can't down load the pictures with out an internet connection, then emailing them to myself

  • Annla Says:

    In iPad I edited some photos like cropping, changing lights or vivid colors. When I tranferred these edited photos from iPad to laptop, the edited photos went to my laptop as raw version, I.e. the poor quality image prior to my edits. Please give tips on how to transfer the photos and keep all their edited features (cropped, better lighting or vivid colors)

  • Geraldine Says:

    So far so good seems very quick. Been g it work it out for ages, could perhaps be stated a little clearer on initial notes. Only because I needed to read it three times before I registered what to if apAutoPlay didn’t come up. Doh!

  • Walter Says:

    It works for me... Now I need to delete all my old photo for the new one... Many thanks!

  • Elizabeth Says:

    I tried connecting my iPad to the computer (Windows 7) but the AutoPlay thing didn't come up.

  • Jenny Says:

    Worked like a charm! Thank you! I successfully transferred 1126 photos to my pic! Happy girl!

  • Admiral Mike Nelson Says:

    How can you connect an Ipad to a PC???
    When Ipad`s do not have a USB portal..!!

  • Maggs Says:

    I did that an only 2 of my photos show up and I have lots on my iPad.I end up emailing each photo I want to my email.

  • ivor bigun Says:

    Sorry for that it actually did work with windows 10. Videos seem to be in their own folder

  • Pirihira Says:

    It takes my Facebook photo's but not those in the Download or Bluetooth Folder? Help please

  • Cathey Says:

    I have a intel inside tech pad, how do I download photos that I have taken? some have clouds next to the photos

  • Dale C. Tanner Says:

    need pictures from the apple pad to be transferred to my PC for reproduction

  • Michael Says:

    Above advise is complete nonsense. This is a well know process for window, never has and never will work with iOS

  • Melanie Says:

    I found the answers in an Apple website.

  • Virginia Says: Says:

    As with D.Hayes [May 26th 2016 ] and D Warnock [Jan 27th 2016] and others, I too, connect my iPad via the usb to my XP PC, but get only a Blank Screen. It's fine that you let us ask questions, but ANSWERS WOULD BE GREAT TOO!
    How do I get my iPad Photos to show up in the Apple ipad window on my XP computer so that I can save the to an external hard drive?

  • D. Hayes Says:

    When I connect the iPad via the usb to my PC, it does NOT show up as an attached device, even though I have to 'trust' the PC from the iPad. How do I get it to show up as an attached device?

  • D Warnock Says:

    When I open the ipad in windows 7 and go to internal storage, I get a blank screen.

  • Madhavan Doreswamy Says:

    Not all images in the ipad mini is seen in the DCIM-100Apple folder when you connect the iPad to PC (Windows &). Why, What to do to access all the photos and vodeos in the iPad and manage them (delete, save, ...).

  • Marielyz Says:

    @Freddy This is what the article is about.

  • Iona-Niamh Says:

    How do you download photos from an iPad onto Windows 10??

  • Freddy Says:

    Could anyone please tell how to transfer from iPad to windows 7? Thanks!

  • Terry Says:

    how is it done on windows 8.1 as I have tried many things but nothing seems to work and I am finding this so frustrating

  • Julie Ballard Says:

    I unloaded about a hundred pictures off my iPad to my computer several months ago. I have about 800 new ones to unload and I keep getting, " there is no new media to unload ". I have gone into " my computer, iPad, internal storage, and DCIM" and get a blank screen. Please help!

  • diane Says:

    Hi im diane"
    I followed instructions above 4 Windows Vista -done it many times this way with USB cord but still no download of photos from my Ipad to computer.!! I also used a Microsoft scan to detect problems and that went on for hours' 'but scan said no problems. What else can I try? I cannot incur any costs I must try and do it myself.

  • mayjohnson Says:

    You can also send the photos of camera roll or other photo albums to your email on your iPhone then save the images there. Works great for those of us who choose not to use iTunes.
    Another iTunes alternative tool is FonePaw iOS Transfer, which easily help you transfer photos from iPad to PC or Mac computer.

  • Sonja Says:

    Really big thank you. Deleted SD card before copying and I am new to the IPad

  • Pat Says:

    I've heard that it is not good to sync your IPAD to more than one computer. I need to transfer pictures from my IPAD to a different computer other than the host computer with which I normally sync my IPAD. If I copy the given folder via USB connection to this new previously unknown computer will it confuse the IPAD when it comes to later syncing with the normal host computer?

  • Jr_Chris Says:

    Has any one thought of using istick by softorino?

  • uzezi Says:

    The pics cannot be seen or cannot be opened

  • uzezi Says:

    pl. I want to download pictures sent from an Ipad to my mail

  • Terry Says:

    Grrrr! Looked great at first and then CRASHED my PC!

  • michael Says:

    Install the application called PICSAID onto your computer and it allow you to copy pictures from your ipad to the pc.

  • i_baby Says:

    Peter, I was looking for solution to transfer photos from PC to ipad too. You need to get itune and sync between the folder you selected to iPad. The disadvantage is photos sync from PC earlier will be replace.

  • ayaz Says:

    my computer closes whenever i try to open ipad through My computer

  • Johnny Says:

    How can I transfer the photos on my ipad to my PC. And, will the photos in my ipad not remain in photos. If so how can I copy them without removing them from my ipad

  • Ali Says:

    Exactly what I needed! Thank you so much. So glad I kept looking for a solution instead of giving up when I read copious numbers of "it's impossible" replies. Just for the record, I was able to edit photos after copying them onto my computer. I found that they unlocked that way. Thanks so much again.

  • Pleistocene Drum Says:

    I have the same problem as elena direito - After transferring photos from iPad to a Win7 PC using Windows Explorer, the photos are somehow locked and uneditable, even when marked as read/write. Is this another sneaky trick by Apple? Does anybody have a way around this Apple roadblock.

  • Peter Says:

    Actually looking for trick to transfer pictures from windows pc onto my ipad2. Any suggestion ?

  • Dean Says:

    just what i was looking for! didnt have to download an app to get the hundreds of photos off my ipad, just plugged in and viola!
    PS - couldnt find the photos until i right clicked in the directory and hit refresh, then every photo showed up!
    Thank you.

  • elena direito Says:

    I got the pics onto my computer, no problem there. But they are sideways and I want to crop them. They won't save after I edit them in windows live photo gallery. The error message says they are either in use or read-only, so I closed everything and opened it back up to make sure they were not in use. The properties say they aren't read only. How can I flip these pics the right way? I can do this with pics from my iPhone without problems, but the iPad is being difficult. Please help.

  • Glynis Cartin Says:

    What if my itunes name is different than name it shows in printers and devices? Has my name on itunes but when plug in USB cable to computer and look by drives it has my Moms name. She charged ipod at my house before is only thing I can think of. Is there any way to change it back on Windows? I am running windows 7. All good on ipod, just having to see her ipod listed on my computer.

  • Frazry Says:

    I think for your Europe pics, ipad would've made a separate folder, outside 'Camera Roll'. Try installing 'PicsAid' on your PC then connect the ipad. It'll pull out the pictures in a minute.

  • Larry Says:

    I downloaded photos on my iPad from my camera then accidently DELETED these pics from the camera. They are important photos from Europe. I am not real computer literate. Will these instructions help me get these pics from the iPad to my computer? Will they be the same size they were on the camera card?

  • Ed Ward II Says:

    That is great. You can also find it under My Computer.

  • kathy Says:

    Awesome it is!

  • anna Says:

    not able to find ipad from my computer

  • Duncan Opiyo Says:

    Well this works only on the saved photo album, what about the other individual Albums which cannot be viewed in the DCIM foulder?

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