How to Access Alternate Characters on the iPad Keyboard

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The iPad’s keyboard offers some quick (but partially hidden) ways to access special characters and oft-used punctuation.

Emoji: Your iPad will either have an image with a smiley face or a globe on it. Use that to switch to the emoji keyboard. Tapping on an ABC icon will let you move back.

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Accented letters: To find accented letters for almost every language with Roman characters, tap and hold the base letter—e, u, or s for example—to see a list of their accented counterparts—è, ü, ß, and more.

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URL enders: To quickly enter .net, .org, or .edu on the Safari or Mail keyboards, tap and hold the .com button to choose from available options.

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  • Claudio Says:

    Premisse: I don't want to carry my iPad and keep carrying the notebook.

    Fact 1: The 3G iPad can do well most tasks we used a notebook to do.

    Fact 2: If you write in a non-english language like Portuguese, French

    or Spanish that have signs/accents (e.g. as in words like coração, vélo or niño),
    you lose a lot of time pressing the letter until you can to chose the letter

    variation. Try it to see what I mean.

    Fact 3: Some "PC-style" special keys are useful if we want to write
    and correct long texts productively. I mean "CTRL Left/Right Arrow" to

    skip words, "CTRL Home/End" to jump to the begin/end of a page,
    "CTRL X / CTRL V" to cut/paste ... etc.

    I think the usability principles that worked well for the small iPhone
    keyboard need to be rethinked to design a keyboard for the iPad wider
    screen, effectively commited on making the write-edit tasks more
    friendly and productive.

    Just, compair the time spent to the following trivial editing task in

    the IPad versus a PC or MAC: "select some letters, words or lines in a text;
    copy or cut them; select a target point; paste them" ... That's all.

    (Indeed, even in English, we have to switch from alphabethic to
    numeric mode to pick the apostrophe in THAT'S ALL expression)

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