iOS 12 for iPads Looks Like a Big Bummer

If you're an iPad power user, I hope you got all of the multi-tasking features you were hoping for in iOS 11. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple's focus on squashing bugs in iOS 12 has delayed a bunch of features, including almost anything significant for the iPad, until 2019.

The report suggests that eventually, the iPad will allow users to switch between multiple windows in a single app, similar to features the Mac has already seen and that Windows 10 is implementing in the near future with a feature called Sets. There are also plans to be able to run two instance of an app side-by-side. 

Additionally, there will be new features for the Apple Pencil, as well as a switch in the Mail app to silence selected email threads.

According to the Bloomberg article, the only feature to expect on the iPad in iOS 11 is for Apple's Animoji characters to arrive on the iPad (which would match with rumors suggesting that Face ID is coming to the tablet).

You may see iPad apps on the Mac, though, as a big new feature will reportedly allow one version of an app to run on iPhones, iPads and Macs, similar to Microsoft's UWP program or how Android apps can run on Chromebooks.

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