Windows 10 Will Let You Snooze Creators Update

After the plethora of problems users experienced with updates to and in Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have gotten the memo that people want more control over changes made to their system. Today the company announced that users will be getting clearer options for controlling the update process when they make the leap to Creators Update in a few weeks.

In a blog post, Windows Corporate Vice President Michael Fortin previewed the update window that users will see, which features buttons for "Restart now," "Pick a time," and "Snooze." These will allow you to proceed to the Creators Update immediately, schedule it for later or snooze the message, pausing the process for three days.

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Users will be allowed to reschedule if the time originally decided upon turns out to also not be opportune. The post doesn't note if users will get to hit the snooze button multiple times, but that's likely the case.

Fortin notes that Microsoft is widening the range of times it considers to be "Active Hours," so an update won't interrupt you when you're not ready.

The Windows Update Settings page will also be gaining a new icon that signifies if a device is up to date, making it easier to know that your system is good to go.

Windows 10 Creators Update will include new sharing capabilities, Paint 3D, additional support for Hololens and VR, as well as Game Mode, increased privacy settings and tab management improvements to Edge. As an editor at Laptop Mag said, "if you hit Snooze, you lose these features" (at least for three days).

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