Windows 10 to Get Better Privacy Controls in Creators Update

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Ever since Windows 10 was released in 2015, experts have complained that it sends far too much data back to Microsoft. In August, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote a detailed editorial claiming that the operating system sends an "unprecedented" amount of personal information to Microsoft in a way that "has trampled on essential aspects of modern computing." In the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft will make its data-collection and privacy policies simpler, according to a blog post from Windows and devices head Terry Myerson.

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First, Microsoft is launching a new online privacy dashboard where you can see what the company is collecting from y ou. That's live now, and you can sign in here to view and delete data including your browsing history, location and Cortana preferences. Myerson wrote that more data categories will be available to view in the future.

When the Creators Update launches, there will be just two data collection levels: Basic and Full. Those who had selected the mid-tier level, Enhanced, will have to make a new choice for the update. Microsoft says that there is less data collected than ever at the basic level, which includes installed apps, basic error reporting, and whether Windows is running correctly.

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Microsoft has released screenshots of the new privacy options, and they certainly do a look a lot easier to understand than what currently exists. We'll be able to tell you a lot more about the Creators Update, including privacy options, when it launches in April.

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  • Joe Bean Says:

    If you need to have a Microsoft Account to see what gets collected and have control over it rather than a local account, I'm not sure this is such an improvement.

    We want a real opt-out, without you needing who we are for it. And please stop automatically resetting privacy options each time you issue a big Windows update. If I change my mind and want to share my life with you, I will say so, thanks.

  • JuanSoto Says:

    Microsoft... still playing PR games. They own about 90% of the entire worldwide Desktop market and they still can't give their users - using home-based *personal* computers - one big opt-out.

    They still can't tell anyone who they're sharing their data with. Maybe with the Best Buy tech heads who rummage through people's hard drives to illegally sell data to the FBI. Nobody knows what Microsoft is doing here and they have an absolute (moral and legal) right to this information.

    We need to apply protection laws, already in place "in real life", and hold companies like Microsoft (and Google, facebook, etal) accountable for the illegal mass surveillance, data-mining and backdoors. They should all be jailed.

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