How to Set Up a Metered Internet Connection in Windows 10

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Whether you're tethered to a mobile network with a limited amount of data or you just don't want to suck up too much bandwidth from your home network, Windows 10 has a solution. The operating system features a built-in "Metered connection" mode that reduces bandwidth usage whenever you're connected to the networks you designate. 


Here's how to set up a Metered Connection in Windows 10.

1. Open the start menu and select Settings.


2. Click the Network and Internet link.

network and internet

3. Select Wi-Fi from the sidebar.

select Wi-Fi4. Click the Manage known network link under your existing connection.


5. Choose the network you’re currently using from the list of available ones.

pick network

6. Click Properties.


7. Find the Metered connection section and toggle the switch to On.

set to on

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  • walter wafula Says:

    hello, thanks alot my laptop core!5,Still comsumes alot data help me out on what i can do to manage the usage. thank you

  • ymorxx Says:

    What about when there is no Wi-Fi on the side bar. My network status says not connected.

    At first, my laptop works. It is connected tomy wifi. But when I installed iCloud, it says to restart to complete the process. After it restarted, I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi anymore. It says here to “change settings such as making a connection metered”. I didn’t even changed the network/wifi settings before I restarted my pc.

  • Macks Says:

    I have new HP COREI3 and eats my data and dont know what to do.things keep on updating and do not know how to turn them off.

  • sukhvir singh Says:

    great thank to you your information is very helpful to me.

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