How to Set Time Limits for Any Account in Windows 10

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Windows 10's parental controls let you designate an account as a child account to restrict certain features and monitor activity. These child accounts require you to use a Microsoft account. But what if you wanted to set limits for a local user account instead? Here's the workaround: You can set time limits for any account in Windows with the Command Prompt.

1. Press Windows+X to open the Power User Menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).

winx2. Enter the following command: net user <username> /times:<days,times>


  • Replace <username> with the user account you want to set time limits for. You can get a list of users on the computer by typing in net user and pressing Enter.
  • Replace <limits> with the days and times the user would be allowed to use the computer. Days are represented as M, T, W, Th, F, Sa, or Su. Times are in 24-hour format. So, for example, you could limit usage on Tuesday from 9am to 5pm by entering /times:T,09:00-17:00. Separate multiple time limits with a semicolon, e.g.: /times:M-F,09:00-17:00;Sa-Sun,09:00-15:00

3. Press Enter.

Once you set the time limit, the user won't be able to sign into the computer outside of that set time frame. To remove the time limits for an account, type in net user <username> /time:all and press Enter.

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  • KitKat Says:

    Please email me if you can help

  • KitKat Says:

    I typed net user <username> /time:all but it said "system cannot find the file specified

  • oliver rendtorff Says:

    can i do that but with a specific app instead so i cant game in school time

  • HikingStick Says:

    Unfortunately, this will only limit the times an account may log on--it will not force an account off when the end of the time window happens.

    I'm thinking about creating a scheduled task using the shutdown command--using the syntax "shutdown /l /f" to force a logoff. The scheduled task will run at a specific time each day, corresponding to the end of the individual's allotted time.

  • Adolfus Says:

    I accidently used pm and am for the restrictions and I now I think I locked myself out of the computer, is there a way to remove these restrictions without logging in?

  • SammyPos Says:

    Well thanks for that but what about limiting them to say, an hour a day, not any specific time on the clock!?

  • Nigel Rhodis Says:

    Thanks for the article! Your screenshot contradicts the article which mentions a requirement to use 24-hour time format. The screenshot shows the command completed successfully using standard time.

  • Michelle Says:

    Good information, thanks!
    If you want to limit websites (facebook or others) by time use other parental control programs, e.g. Time Boss Pro, NetNanny

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