Windows 10 Power Slider To Optimize Speed, Battery

Windows 10 users will soon get an easier way to make laptops last longer on a charge or run games with smoother graphics. According to Microsoft, the latest preview build of the operating system will introduce an easy-to-access slider bar that lets you decide between better battery life and better performance.

Announced in a Windows 10 Insider Program blog post yesterday, Insiders will be able to preview the Power Slider by using the recently released preview build 15014. The slider is found by clicking or tapping on the battery icon in the Taskbar.

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Don't worry if you don't see much change after using the slider, though, as Microsoft admits that the bar "is not yet wired up to performance/power settings." Microsoft said it provided the non-functioning slider "to get early feedback."

Until Microsoft gives the power slider fully functional, users can make some use of the tool by setting it to optimal battery life while the device is on battery power. This will enable Battery Saver mode, which you typically need to open the Settings app to find.

The power slider features four settings, with Best Battery Life and Best Performance on either end and two midway points. Microsoft will be working with PC makers to figure out how to use those notches as tuning settings in order for it to be available in the Windows 10 Creators edition.

Lastly, Microsoft notes that not all insiders will see the slider bar immediately. It also promised that future builds will only show the slider if it is fully functional.

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