How to Set Up Gmail with 2-Factor Authentication in Outlook

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a step each of us should take to protect our email. Instead of relying solely on the password, those logging in now must complete a second step -- or authentication method -- to access an email account. In this case, as with most, the second step is an application that provides a single-use code to log in.

Now, unless a thief has your mobile device, your password is useless when it comes to accessing your Gmail account. Unfortunately, integration with Outlook leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily, there’s a workaround.

1. Open Outlook and click on the File tab.

2. Click Account Settings and then Add and remove accounts.

3. Double click the account you wish to add 2FA to.

We’re going to leave this open and move on to step four. Don’t close this window, as we’ll need it in a minute.

4. Log in to your Google account if necessary, and navigate to the Sign-in & Security page.

5. Scroll down to App passwords and click it.

6. Click Select app, and then Other from the dropdown.

7. Name the app password and click Generate. In this case, we’re going to call it Outlook.

8. Copy the app password and click Done.

9. Go back to Outlook and paste the app password into the Password section and click Next.

10. Close Outlook and restart.

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