How to Restore Microsoft Office Files

Sometimes Microsoft Office crashes and you lose everything. Or do you? Office saves temporary versions of whatever you're working on just in case, and you can access lost files for a limited time after it's gone. It may not be exactly as you left it, but it will certainly be better than not having your document, presentation or spreadsheet at all.

Here's how to restore lost files in Microsoft Office:

1. Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint to a blank document and click File.

2. Click Info on the left rail.

3. Click  Manage Document.

In Excel and Powerpoint, "Workbook" and "Presentation" are used instead of "Document" in this step or the next step.

4. Click "Recover Unsaved Documents."

5. Select a file and click Open. If your file isn't listed, continue to step 6.

6. If  your file wasn't on the list, try looking in the folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel (or Word or PowerPoint). You may see a file there with the correct file name and a dash after it, followed by a long string of numbers (ex: quarterlyreport-04121200630512349068373463). Open that file.

Your document will re-appear.

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