How to Find the Distance Between Two Spaces by Drawing a Line in Windows Maps

Windows Maps was first unveiled in the Creators Update, and it already has some pretty exciting features. One of my favorites is the integration with Windows Ink Workspace which allows you to draw a line between two points using your finger or a stylus (on touch-enabled devices) for instant directions, or the distance between the two waypoints.

1. Open Windows Maps.

2. Select the pen icon in the upper right above the map.

3. For distance, select the measure distance icon in the drop-down menu. It’s the second from the left.

4. Now, just draw a line between two points. You can draw a line between cities, across oceans, or even landmarks like the Grand Canyon to see how far it is from one side to the other.

5. Click the measure distance icon once more to change colors, or the size of the line.

6. If you’d prefer to get directions between two points, click the ballpoint pen icon instead. It’s the icon furthest to the left in the menu.

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