How to Cast Video from Chrome Browser and Other Apps

Chromecast is one of my favorite pieces of streaming hardware. It’s versatile, easy to set up, and runs on any computer using the Chrome browser -- as well as many apps. To cast items onto your television formerly required a special app, but these days it’s baked into many apps by default, as well as newer builds of the Chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome.

2. Open any Chromecast-enabled app. You can find them here. For now, we’re going to keep it simple and open YouTube instead. You can do this directly from your browser, no app required.

3. Click a video you’d like to watch to open it.

4. At the right of the screen, under the X to close a window, click the icon with the three dots (like a vertical ellipsis) to open the Chrome preferences menu.

5. Choose the Cast option.

6. Select the device you want to cast to. If it’s a Chromecast stick, that’ll appear here. On my TV, it’s built in, so I’m going to select the TV model number from the list.

7. To stop casting, click the Cast icon.

and choose Stop.

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