FaceID Could Finally Be Coming to iPad

Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems may not be merging, but one device is soon to become much more like the iPhone: the iPad.

iOS developer Guilherme Rambo has spotted a “Face ID & Passcode” screen in the beta of the upcoming iOS 12, indicating that upon the release of the new operating system, you’ll be able to unlock your iPad with Face ID (the same way you can an iPhone X).

😏 pic.twitter.com/PlvFVhzeQD — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) June 5, 2018

If Rambo’s screenshots are legit, users will be able to toggle Face ID on and off (along with their passcode) on this screen. They’ll also be able to set their iPads to verify that they’re looking at the device before unlocking.

The interface clearly isn’t complete yet, as it still refers to the device in question as an “iPhone.” Still, Rambo also shared a video of the Face ID setup in action, so there seems to be some functionality built in.

iOS 12 will likely be available in public beta in June, and in its final form in September, so you can look forward to a variety new features on your iPad and iPhone.

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