Microsoft Could Be Planning Windows 10 Game Mode

Microsoft might have something up its sleeve to deliver a better gaming experience to Windows 10. The software giant is reportedly working on a new feature called Game Mode in Windows 10 that will reduce the amount of resources dedicated to other apps so that they're freed up for games.

The feature, which was discovered by a person who goes by the handle WalkingCat, was found in Windows 10 build 14997. It's not currently operational.

The Game Mode feature could be a boon for gamers. PC games often take up significant resources and need things like RAM and graphics power to deliver the best experience. However, when players are also using other apps, some of the machine's resources need to be dedicated to those programs, hurting the gaming experience. By the look of it, Game Mode will strip away the resources needed to improve the gaming experience from other apps, rendering them nearly useless while you play games on your computer. According to WalkingCat, the feature pulls resources from the CPU, graphics chips, and other components.

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Windows Central cited its own sources who confirmed that the feature is in the works and might eventually make an appearance with the release of next year's Windows 10 Creators Update. The site's sources added that Microsoft is using inspiration from the Xbox One to make the feature work.

In the Xbox One, the operating system will automatically divert resources to the game away from other services and apps to ensure it works as well as possible on the console. Microsoft apparently wants to deliver the same feature to Windows in the coming weeks.

Still, some questions remain. Since the app isn't running yet, it's impossible to know whether it will support all Windows 10 games, including those from Origin and Steam, or whether Microsoft is placing some limitations on the feature. It's also unclear what kind of user control there might be that will allow players to decide for themselves how many resources should be diverted from other apps in order to get the games running to the degree they want.

Microsoft will ostensibly address those questions and others in the coming weeks as more details on the Creators Update becomes available.

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