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Splashtop THD Shown Streaming Skyrim from PC to Tegra Tablet With Zero Lag

LAS VEGAS -- Remote desktop applications like Splashtop HD allow you to control your Windows desktop from your tablet over the Internet, but you couldn't exactly count on them for gaming, until now. This week at CES, Nvidia demonstrated an Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which uses the company's Tegra 3 processor, playing the popular PC game Skyrim via a remote connection to a Windows PC. The lag-free connection was made possible by Splashtop THD, a special version of the popular remote desktop app for Android that is optimized specifically for Tegra processors.

 In a demo station at the Nvidia booth, we saw a PC desktop running Skyrim with a Transformer Prime sitting in front of it. The Prime was connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable and the picture on its screen was a mirror of the game playing on the PC's monitor. We watched as a Nvidia rep used a wireless controller to play the game on the tablet and were amazed to see that there was no delay at all between his initiating movements with the stick and the action occurring on screen. 

The rep told us that though the tablet was connected to the Internet via an Ethernet port, we'd get this kind of performance over Wi-Fi. He also said that users would see great improvements in latency across the board. So even if you're only typing a document on your remote desktop, you'll see that the letters appear right away when you type them or that the crop box you drew in Photoshop isn't trailing the gesture you made to draw it.

The ability to play a full-scale PC game on your Android tablet is truly impressive. If the final build of the software lives up to the demo, mobile gamers could live their PCs powered on then go on the road and play all their games on the tablet. Splashtop THD is due out later this year.