LG Answers Complaints by Producing Sturdier Nexus 5's

LG's Nexus 5 is easily one of the year's best smartphones thanks to its impressive off-contract value, powerful performance and pure Android interface. But it looks like LG and Google aren't satisfied with the handset, as the companies are reportedly pushing out slightly improved versions of the Nexus 5 to consumers.

According to a post on XDA Developers Forum, the newer version of the Nexus 5 includes sturdier buttons and larger speaker grills. Posters on the forum pointed to issues with their Nexus 5's including loose volume and power buttons and small speaker holes. The changes to the handset's buttons should provide for a better overall build quality, while the larger speaker grills will likely improve audio performance.

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During our review of the Nexus 5, we found its external speaker to be lacking compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which produced louder and clearer audio. We didn't however, notice any issues with the handset's build quality, as that would have been a nonstarter.

In fact, our biggest complaint about the Nexus 5 was that its display looked a bit cloudy and that it's camera needed some improvement. And with the release of a recent software update, the latter issue has already been addressed.

If you've already purchased a Nexus 5, there's no reason to be disappointed, as the improved version's performance and display are identical to the original. That said, it's nice to see that LG and Google are responding to consumer criticisms quickly.

via: XDA Developers Forum

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