Best, Most Useless iPhone Application: PhoneSaber

While working on a post for my favorite iPhone applications, I came across one app that was just too amazing not to talk about right away. Hold on to your seats Star Wars lovers (including you, YouTube Star Wars Kid), because you can turn your iPhone into a PhoneSaber. No, seriously, that's exactly what TheMacBox calls its application. We preface this short review by saying the 0.8MB application is free. We did not spend our hard-earned money on becoming mobile Jedi masters. Here's how it works: as you swing your phone, a range of light saber sound effects come out of the iPhone's speakers. You can change the color of the saber on the left side. Saber colors include: blue, green, red, purple, and yellow. When you are not swinging the phone—I mean saber—you get some nice high-tech background noise. But words cannot detail this application. Check out the video of my fight with iPhone lightsaber-wanting Haselton. [flq:d3c1ed52cb3b4b60b01479aaba6b9f33]