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From the ever-popular iPhone to Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets, LAPTOP reviews the best smartphones of 2014 to help you compare models and determine which smartphone to buy. We also help you make the most of your handset by picking the best smartphone apps and accessories while providing helpful tips.

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Best iPhone 6 Trade-In Deals: Carriers Compared

With the impending release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (starting at $199 and $299, respectively), it seems like new options for iPhone users with older models are popping up each day. Not to be ...

Sprint iPhone for Life Plan Offers a New Phone Every 2 Years

Even if you're already on line waiting to buy a new iPhone 6, you know that the fancy device is going to be old news come 2016. Sprint is well aware of this, and in an effort to win over customers fro...

T-Mobile Guarantees Best Trade-In Smartphone Deals

Apple's anticipated announcement of the iPhone 6 and the flood of people expecting to upgrade, lots of folks are wondering what to do with their existing smartphone.

Family Plan Face-Off: What's the Best Deal?

The family who shares a carrier stays together? Perhaps. If you're looking to keep your loved ones connected under one bill, family plans are a great option.

Top 10 Smartphones

Your smartphone is the one thing that never leaves your side because it can do it all. But the best smartphones do everything well. A great handset takes amazing photos, offers a bright and crisp HD s...

You Can Text Emergencies to 911 From May 15 In Some Areas

If you're ever caught in a situation where you want to dial 911 but don't want an intruder to hear you, a feature that will be live next week could save your life. America's four largest carriers ...

Sprint and Spotify Partner to Offer Cheaper Subscription Plans

Sprint and Spotify are joining forces. Those who sign up for a new Framily plan will get access to the music streaming service at a reduced monthly rate.

Best Verizon Smartphones

Verizon is home to the nation's largest 4G LTE network, with more than 500 markets covered across the U.S.. The carrier offers a wide variety of smartphones to take advantage of its broad footprint, a...

Best MetroPCS Smartphones

If you're considering one of the smaller carriers, chances are that MetroPCS is on your shortlist. The company, a sub-brand of T-Mobile, is known for its lower prices (plans start at $49), while still boasting some great phones.

T-Mobile Stops Charging Overages

Once again proving it cares little for conventional thinking, T-Mobile is eliminating overages charges. That means no more fees for going over minutes, data caps or text messaging limits, starting in ...