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Evernote Review

Evernote for the iPad organizes all of your thoughts and multimedia into one place, and then syncs it across all your devices.

Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers (Android) Review

Microsoft's Office Mobile for Office 365 Subscribers app brings the Office experience to Android, but don't expect to do much more than light editing and quick tweaking.

ADW Launcher Review

ADW Launcher offers a plethora of innovative features, customizable options and themes, and a pure Jelly Bean design.

Apex Launcher Review

Apex Launcher delivers a pure Android experience along with a host of customizable options and handy gestures.

Robin Review

The Robin personal assistant app is great for in-car use, but is less effective elsewhere.

Google Now Review

Integrated into Android devices, Google Now's personal assistant can provide proactive help based on where you are and learns from your searches.

Lookout Mobile Security Premium Review

Lookout Mobile Security is hands down the best mobile security solution for Android devices, offering a great interface, top-notch protection and more innovative features than the competition.

Norton Mobile Security Review

Norton Mobile Security is a feature-rich Android security suite with a well-designed interface from a company highly regarded in malware protection.

Avast Mobile Security by AVAST Software Review

Avast Mobile Security provides an intuitive interface, helpful Privacy Advisor feature and an easy way to track a lost or stolen Android phone -- all for free.

Rdio Review

Music gets social with this music streaming smart phone app