How to Get Android Apps, Google Play Store on a Chromebook

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You can finally use Android apps on touchscreen Chromebooks, but there's a catch: the long-promised feature is available only in the Beta channel of Chrome OS. Fortunately, the cloud-based nature of Chromebooks means there's little work to do if and when you need to reset your device (moving back to Stable from Beta will wipe your disk). Hopefully, your Chromebook supports this feature now, but check out this page to see if and when when your model is due to get these apps.

screenshot 2016 11 02 at 1.14.48 pm

We tested this feature out on an Acer Chromebook R13, one of the touch-screen bend-back convertibles that can download Chrome OS 55.0, the beta version you need to access the Google Play Store. As long as you don't demand peak performance -- and what Chromebook user does? -- this is a beta test worth trying out. The popular gaming title Asphalt 8 ran a little choppy but was still playable, while the less demanding, but fun PinOut pinball game showed no such lag.

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Here's how to get Android Apps and the Google Play Store on a Chromebook:

1. Click one of the icons in the drawer in the bottom right corner.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.58.05 am

2. Select Settings.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 1.14.15 pm

3. Click About Chrome OS.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.58.14 am

4. Click More info.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.58.19 am

5. Click Change channel.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.58.34 am

6. Select Beta.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.58.58 am

7. Click Change channel.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 8.59.02 am

8. Wait for the Beta release of Chrome to download and restart the computer when prompted.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 9.11.41 am

9. Check the box next to "Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook."screenshot 2016 11 02 at 9.21.19 am

10. Click Agree. screenshot 2016 11 02 at 9.21.29 am

11. Click Sign In.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 9.22.01 am

12. Click Accept. screenshot 2016 11 02 at 9.23.14 amYou've got the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, where you can find and install Android apps.screenshot 2016 11 02 at 1.14.48 pm 675371.09955423477

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  • M Blank Says:

    This doesn't work. I tried and wasted 2 hours waiting for beta to load to find out there was no may to enable Android Apps. Help thanks.

  • J Miller Says:

    This does not work and my Chromebook is on the approved list.

  • Zach White Says:

    So, for all of you who say that this didn't work, the play store didn't come to your chromebook yet. Most chromebooks will get the play store sometime in the Fall of 2017

  • Rebecca Wilson Says:

    i downloaded beta but i do not see the goole play part that you click after you install beta any i already restarted it

  • whitis Says:

    i updated, and it didn't appear >:(

  • Tyrell Says:

    Does not work on my asus chromebook and I tried beta channel and dev channel.

  • Shadpio Says:

    I put beta on but it doesn't show the enable google play option

  • robert b thompson Says:

    I got to number 9 but on my chromebook the was not an space where the enable google play store should be? Any Help Would be great.

  • Robert Terwillerger Says:

    I agree with John Quincy. Putting the Google Play store and Android apps on a Chromebook is shoehorning that will leave you very disappointed.

  • DoctorP Says:

    Will this work on an Asus Chromebook C201?

  • William Lees Says:

    This doesn't work on my Samsung Chromebook 2.

  • John Quincy Says:

    The headline as well as the beginning of the article are both incorrect and very misleading. You cannot get the Play Store on lots of Chromebooks with the Beta Channel. Only one, the R13 you tested. That said, you have nice simple instructions for doing that on that one model it applies to. Please fix all those errors. Thanks

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