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Surface Book 3 price possibly leaks — How expensive is it?

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Microsoft has gone almost two and a half years without updating its Surface Book line, but recent retail listings for a "Surface Project T" and "Surface Project U" may have outed the price of the long-awaited Surface Book 3 (via Notebookcheck).

The listing doesn't specifically mention the Surface Book 3, but neither the pricing nor the timing would align with a Surface Pro or Surface Laptop update. Let's take a look at what prospective buyers of Microsoft's most powerful detachable 2-in-1 should expect to pay.

The pricing in question specifically comes from European retail listings posted briefly before being pulled. They include both the aforementioned "Surface Project T" and "Surface Project U" along with potential pricing for the Surface Go 2 and a number of related accessories including the Surface Dock 2. 

As such, the prices are all in Euro so we'll have to play the conversion game. Based on previous pricing rumors and the conversion rate for the Surface Book 2, we should be able to make a pretty educated guess.

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Starting with the "Surface Project T" which would align with the refresh of the smaller 13.5-inch Surface Book 3, the price range listed is €1,617.60 up to €2,616.70. With the current Euro-to-USD exchange rate that would be $1,773.83 going up to $2,869.42 in the US. 

As the Surface Book 2 started at $1,499, this would be a pretty aggressive jump, although it's possible Microsoft will ditch the model without a dedicated GPU. This pricing is a bit closer to the $1,999 that we saw the lowest-end Surface Book 2 with a dedicated GPU sell for at launch. 

Stepping up to the "Surface Project U", which is presumed to be the 15-inch Surface Book 3, the price range listed is €2,234.10 up to €3,441.70. With the current exchange rate that would be $2,449.87 going up to $3,774.10 in the US.

While the top end comes in quite a bit higher, the pricing on the 15-inch looks more like the pricing we saw for the Surface Book 2, which launched at $2,499 and topped out at $3,299. 

And for those interested in the updated Surface Dock 2, the pricing comes out to around $222, which would be just a slight premium over the original.

Given all of the leaks, particularly from retailers, all signs point to the imminent launch of new devices from Microsoft.

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